‘Scrimble Workshop’

mark making scrimble

Wow! What another fantastic turn out. A big thanks to all the parents that came to our’ Scrimble workshop.’ Children really enjoyed working with their parents and showing them all the exciting ways we mark make and develop children’s reading and writing.

We had some fantastic feedback and suggestions for future workshops.

“It was very helpful and interesting to find out how kids learn different things.”

“I found it different and found out how I can help my child to learn to write” said Hasnain’s mom.

“Everything was really interesting” said Qasim’s dad.

“Yes, very interesting. Explained all that a parent would need and want to know about writing” says J’nae’s aunty.

“I found everything helpful and liked the writing activities that were set up” says Parveg’s dad.

“I found teachers introduction and activities very helpful” says Asma’s dad.

“I liked the introduction from Miss Mcpherson and the different activities that were set up” says Henna’s mom.

“I found it helpful, even my 14 month old baby enjoyed it. I have a clear idea about the stages my son is at” says Rizwan’s mom.

“Yes, it was very helpful. We heard lots of information” says Iqra’s mom.

“The teacher’s introduction was helpful and the activities that were set up were good”says Tashina’s mom.

“I found it very, very helpful and really amazing. Teachers work hard with children. A big salute to all teachers who have given me new ideas and things to do with my daughter” said Abiha’s mom.

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